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Prevention of Kidney Stones


A natural question for anyone who has had a kidney stone is “What can I do to prevent getting another one?”

Unfortunately for most people however, there is no magic cure.  A small proportion of patients may benefit from medication to try and prevent stone formation; however, these medications can be expensive, be associated with side effects, and can be inconvenient to take.




The majority of kidney stones we see in New Zealand are composed of calcium and oxalate. This doesn't mean that reducing the amount of these substances in your diet will prevent stones recurring. As part of your work up, we check blood and urine tests, and also test what the stone is composed of. If you are young, are a frequent stone former, or have stones in both kidneys, we will often perform more advanced tests, and on occasion refer you to a renal physician. However, even then it is rare to find a reversible cause for stone formation. 


What can I do?


For those with calcium related stones, the best advice is

  • Have a good fluid intake 
  • Have a diet rich in high alkali fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce your salt intake


A small proportion of people will have stones composed of uric acid, which can be related to having a history of gout. In these cases aggressive management of high uric acid levels, as well as reversing the urine acidity with ural sachets can be very effective in dissolving stones. This can also prevent new stones forming.


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