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Aspiration and injection of sclerosant for treatment of a hydrocoele

A hydrocoele is a collection of fluid around the testicle. It is a benign condition, but can cause discomfort and annoying symptoms due to its size and location. Usually a symptomatically hydrocoele is best treated with an operation. However, a proportion of men are suitable to have a less invasive procedure. Simple aspiration or removal of fluid is not an effective treatment. The fluid will reaccumulate quite rapidly. However, after removal of the fluid, we can inject sclerosant, in this case ethanol, which creates a reaction to elimnate the space where the fluid forms.  This is less invasive than an operation, and is the costs are less. A study from the Waikato urology unit  showed that this was an effective treatment. A proportion of men needed a second aspiration and injection of sclerosant, and after a second injection, the cure rate was 80%. It can also be used for treatment of large epididymal cysts.


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