Vasectomy (Friday)

A vasectomy is an excellent form of permanent contraception. While a vasectomy can be reversed, you should consider this operation to be permanent, as the reversal is technically difficult, expensive, and by no means always successful. 

Vasectomy Reversals

For couples who are keen on more children after the man has previously had a vasectomy, a Vasectomy Reversal is an excellent option for restoring fertility.

This operation involves removing the blocked and scarred portions of the vas and mobilising the two ends sufficiently for them to be rejoined using micro-surgical techniques. Because of the fine nature of the surgery and the equipment required, this operation on average takes 2 hours. In approximately 85% of men, sperm will return to the ejaculate. However, only 50% will father a child successfully.

The operation is expensive, and the bottom line is that if you are not really sure whether you want to have more children in the future, then vasectomy is not the operation for you.

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