Paediatric Urology (Children)

At Bay Urology, Liam Wilson manages and provides care for all paediatric urology (urological conditions in children). From congenital problems, bedwetting, testicles, foreskin issues, kidney issues - Liam has the expertise and experience to put you and your children at ease.

Articles on Paediatric Urology

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Nocturnal enuresis

This is another common paediatric urology problem we see at Bay Urology. Nocturnal enuresis is characterised by children being very deep sleepers, while also producing a large amount of urine overnigRead more

Urinary tract infection in children

This is a common presentation in children. There can be various causes for this depending on the age and gender of the child. We provide a full service and investigating recurrent urinary infectionRead more

Vesicoureteric Reflux

This is a condition where urine moves the wrong way i.e. from the bladder to the kidney, hence the term "reflux". This can often be managed conservatively as it will resolve with time. A smallRead more

Undescended testis

Undescended testis is a common condition we see at Bay Urology, where the testis has not descended into the scrotum. If this persists beyond 12 months of age it needs correction. Often a suspectedRead more

Hydrocoele (Paediatric)

This is a benign swelling around the testis. Doesn't do any harm to the testis, but can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Many hydrocoeles that are present at birth will resolve. PersistentRead more

Paediatric Circumcision

There are several reasons to perform a circumcision on boys.  These are; The foreskin is persistently tight and unable to retract (phimosis). All boys are born with a phimosis, and with time theRead more

Bladder problems in children

Bladder problems are common in children and can present in a variety of ways.  These include: going to the toilet too often/frequently as well as leakage or wetting. Bladder dysfunction can lead toRead more

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