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Bay Urology now operating at Southern Cross Rotorua


We are now operating at Southern Cross Hospital, Rotorua. We have monthly operating sessions for day case surgery. 


- October 2020

Uromune for Recurrent UTIs

New options for women with Recurrent UTIs and Interstitial Cystitis

We see a large number of women who have recurrent UTIs which get in the way of their lives. Until recently, there have been few options to remedy this. We now have several new options which can be helpful. These include;
Uromune -a treatment that stimulates the immune system to prevent UTIs
Ialuril - a treatment for both recurrent UTIs and Interstitial Cystitis that replenishes the bladder lining.


- October 2020

ATOMS sling:

New anti-incontinence device for men now available at Bay Urology
The ATOMs sling is a novel device for treating male urinary incontinence. It features an inflatable cushion which sits under the urethra. The pressure that the cushion exerts can be varied by adding or removing water via a port that sits within the scrotum beside the testis. Patients void normally without having to utilise a pump in the scrotum (as with the artificial urinary sphincter).The device is implanted under general anesthetic via a 5cm incision in the perineum. The ATOMs sling fills a gap between the AdVance sling and the Artificial Urinary Sphincter that allows individualised treatment for male urinary incontinence


- May 2015

March 2015

Abiraterone (Zytiga) has been approved by Pharmac, and will be available from May 1st. This is great news, as Abiraterone is safe, well tolerated, and effective in treating men who have a rising PSA despite being on androgen ablation (Lucrin, Zoladex, Eligard). Bay Urology has been using Zytiga since it was first available in NZ, and has specially designed clinics to treat men with Zytiga.


- March 2015

November 2014

Bay Urology is the first urology practice in New Zealand to pass Southern Cross Affiliated Audit for Rooms/Office Based Surgery.


- November 2014

August 2014

There is a worldwide shortage of Regitine, which is used in combination with Papverine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is used in men with erectile dysfunction where oral medications such as Viagra has been ineffective, and is superior to other more expensive injections (Caverject) as it is less likely to cause penile pain. It is particularly effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy. Man Maintenance at Bay Urology now has a supply of Regintine (Phentolamine).


- August 2014



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