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Vasectomy Friday at Bay Urology


Due to the presence of COVID-19 in the community, we are currently unable to do vasectomies in unvaccinated men.


At Bay Urology fridays are dedicated to vasectomies. Big sporting weekend on tv? Schedule your vasectomy on Friday with us and have the weekend to recover on the couch...back to work on Monday.


We are well practised at putting your mind at ease, and having done nearly two thousand, you can be reassured that you’ll have the best possible outcome.


Unfortunately Southern Cross does not cover Vasectomies any more, unless you have Ultracare cover. The price of the Vasectomy is $720.


Your consultation and procedure will take place on the same day. You will be here for approximately 75 minutes, and then you will have the weekend to recover. 


Please note: It is fine if you have second thoughts about your vasectomy. However, please give us at least 48 hours warning, as we have many men who just don't show up, or cancel at the last minute. Please be aware you will be charged a fee if you cancel within 48 hours.

You cannot drive home from your vasectomy, and can't drive for the rest of the day.

Vasectomy Procedure Information Sheet


Vasectomy Friday -Interview with Stace and Flynny on The Hits






vasectomy friday

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